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University and Campus Life

How is student life in Izmir?

Here are some reasons to study in İzmir, warm welcome, cultural and local attractions, mediterranean climate, low cost of living, bridge between europe and west and with asia, growing job opportunities, minimum visa restrictions, excellent gastronomy...

There are ten well-known and international universities in Izmir such as "Ege Üniversitesi, Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi, Izmir Yüksek teknoloji Enstitüsü, Izmir Katip Çelebi Üniversitesi, Izmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi, Izmir Demograsi Üniveristesi, Bakırçay Üniversitesi and Türk Hava Kurumu Üniversitesi"

- When you wake up in the morning, you start the day with the scent of the sea and end with the sunset that you can't see anywhere else.

- People are tolerant. Everyone, from the shopkeepers to the landlord, from the people on the street to the neighbors, smiles. People who don't know each other greet each other.

- From time to time, you may find yourself sitting on the Alsancak lawn, walking against the beach, chatting with your friends on the Izmir waterfront (Kordon, Alsancak) or cycling freely without car honking.

- After classes and exams, you can go to the beach right away by taking your bathrobe and slippers to forget the tiredness of the whole year in the beautiful bays of Izmir.

- Izmir has regular and intensive public transport vehicles. You can cheaply reach wherever you go with Izban, metro, tram and city lines. Even renting the houses.

- The ancient city of Ephesus, the village of Sirince, the Selcuk Castle, the Clock Tower and many other important places ... You can be part of this city, which is home to historical civilizations.

- Izmir is a lively city with its concerts, events and film festivals. You can also enjoy life with all these activities in Izmir.

Job opportunities, Traveling in the beautiful country, Reading the masterpieces of Turkish literature, Training the metne, Seducing and finding love, Fun and satisfaction.