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About Us

We present to you our agency is a new and dynamic tour operator born in 2015 in the organization of guided tours in Turkey for families, individuals, small or large groups. The experience gained over the years we offer always new itineraries, to discover the most evocative and exciting places on our continent, combining classic destinations with innovative solutions.

Now it's our turn to make you exprience these new emotions

We are a group of young professionals and curious travelers from Izmir, with a great desire to share the natuaral beauties of our territory with you. In the past we traveled alone, in a group, Friends and Families. During these trips we met wonderful new friends and lived unforgettable moments... Now it's our turn to make you exprience these new emotions! Savor the scents, flavors and colors of a land to be discovered... If you have any questions about our tours, feel free to contact us. Let yourself be overwhelmed by a culture that is not yours, become the "storyteller" of your experience. In short "Carpe Diem" we will be waiting for you in Izmir, Turkey.

Personalization is our passion

We give you the possibility to customize the itineraries with the choice of optional extra activities. If, on the other hand, you want to plan a completely new and personalized day, we also offer a tailor-made tour creation service with personal tour asistant.

Help center 24 hours, 7 days

Even before you know us you should know that you already have friends... in Izmir and all over Turkey. From the first to the last moment of your trip, from the initial choice of the itinerary to the final return to the departure destination. We guarantee 24/7 customer support in Izmir, Turkey.

The way and the motto of “Visit Izmir“ is fill your eyes, heart and mind with irresistible moments to be experienced during your holiday in Izmir or Turkey. All our tours offer, in different ways, a deep, intense and energetic connection with the territory and the cultures visited. The travel experience is then enriched by meeting and sharing emotions with the people of the group, among whom authentic friendships often arise.

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