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Going to the sea

Going to the sea

Çeşme, surrounded by the water of the Aegean Sea is located to the west of İzmir. Its name means "fountain" and derives from the fact that many water springs were found in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in this area, one of the most beautiful areas in Turkey. Surrounded by a blue sea and an expanse of fields where anise, sesame, splendid artichokes and figs are grown. In this natural bay, you can swim safely and visitors can take advantage of all the services available in the area from restaurants to wellness places.


Here is the Genoese fortress of the 16th century restored and modified by the Ottomans in the 17th century, overlooking the small port of Ceşme 80 km from İzmir. Today the city is a summer playground in İzmir. Its particular attractions are the city Çeşme itself. It is also a holiday resort for the families and above all it is a fabulous transit point to add the Greek island of Chios (Chios). Near the fortress, there is a 16th century caravanseraille built by the Magnificent Suleiman, now is converted into a hotel. The Aghios Haralambos Church built in the 19th century, has been restored and currently houses the Emir Caka Culture and Arts Center.

The city offers the possibility to go shopping with good quality carpets, leather goods and souvenirs. In the night, entertainment is there, especially in restaurants, cafes, nightclubs that are located on the seafront.

You can rent yachts to explore the marvelous coastline of this peninsula. During the summer, Çeşme offers its hospitality to the International Song Festival which includes famous singers from all over the world. For those who love to take care of the body and the spirit, its thermal baths are a good break away from stress.


A place of pure well-being, this district of the province offers its tourists its exceptional white sandy beach. This bay is full of equally natural places such as its thermal waters and its sea basins. In Ilica, you can find the best thermal spring in the Şifne bay and the wonderful Paşa Limanı campsite.


Small quiet village by the sea northeast of Çeşme, it is the ancient Erythrai. Those who reach the acropolis will be rewarded by the magnificent view of the sun setting over the bay and its islands. Near the bay is the Gulf of Gerence, which can be visited from land or from the sea. Nearby nature offers relaxation and the bay is ideal for water sports.


It is a fishing village, built on an arm of the sea and known for its deep waters to the north of Çeşme. Here is the excellent fish served in restaurants along the lively marina. Tourists are very attracted to Çiftlik, another fishing village because of its fine sandy beach (pırlanta plajı) which lies to the south-west leaving the city.


It is a nice and special Aegean city south of Ilıca, surrounded with large windmills, many of which today have been turned into rustic restaurants. Alaçatı is known in the windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the constant wind blowing in its bay.


Known in antiquity under the name of Clozomenea. There are several places to admire at the top of the Güvercinlik Hill, offering a breathtaking view of the beautiful bay.


Small but prosperous fishing village which is known for its cuisine.


Beyond Çeşmealtı, heading north on the road to Çeşme, the way continues towards the Karaburun peninsula. You cross numerous small bays, very original fishing villages such as Mordoğan and Balıklıova.


On the south side of the Çeşme peninsula, near is the city Seferihisar which is the small and picturesque seaside resort of Sığacık. Seferihisar - Sığacık is an important center for yacthing, surrounded by fortifications that date back to the Genoese era, representing an excellent starting point where you can visit the Temple of Dionysus, the ancient site of Teos and the beach of Altınkum. The south-west of Sığacık presents a wind and a favorable climate ideal for windsurfers.


Beautiful seaside resort is located in the heart of the Aegean coast, close to two main access points of the region İzmir for those coming by plane and that come directly with the ship from Italy. Near Ahmetbeyli (Claros), there is the temple of Apollo, with remains of its colossal statue. This small town as well as being a seaside resort is also an agricultural production site, where you can find excellent quality of oranges, lemons, mandarins and peaches.. A scenic route exposed to the wind along the coast will lead you from Ahmetbeyli south to the beach of Pamucak.


The ancient Phocaea was a Greek city in Ionia, about 60 km northwest of Smyrna. Today it is a great modern and lively tourist place. It approaches two deep bays. Clear beaches and white sand will be friends for a perfect tan. You can also find the natural terraces of the Sirene islands ideal for sunbathing.


It was a great center of culture. Today it is one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Turkey. In the acropolis on the hill above are the remains of a famous library, a colossal theater, the famous temples of Trajan and Dionysus, an altar to Zeus, the sanctuary of Demetrius, a gymnasium overlooking three terraces and finally an agora. The Asclepius, to the south-west of the city, was dedicated to the God of Health Aesculapius. In the town of Bergama, you can visit the ethnographic archaeological museum and the temple dedicated to Serapid, later transformed into a basilica by the Byzantines. This basilica is one of the seven churches of the apocalypse.


It is the ancient port city of Bergama, characterized by an atmosphere of relaxation. We recommend a stop at Çandarlı (Ancient Pitania) to visit the Genoese fortress.


The visit to Ephesus, the center of antiquity, is one of the most extraordinary visits that can be done in Turkey. The city was able to protect its splendid architecture dedicated to the goddess Artemis. The great temple, rebuilt several times, belongs in its last form to 3rd Century A.D and is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Among the ruins, you will admire the theater, the gymnasium, the baths, the agora and the Library of Celsus.

The nearby town of Selçuk is dominated by a Byzantine citadel located near the Basilica of Saint John, built in the 6th. Century AD near his grave. Next to the Basilica, a typically Selchuk gate gives access to the İsa Bey Mosque from the 14th century. A.D. Here you can admire impressive collections of statues and other works unearthed, after the excavations at Ephesus. It was ascertained that after the death of Christ, Saint John had accompanied the Virgin Mary to Ephesus to a modest little house (Meryemana Evi) at Bülbül Mount where she stayed until her last days. A place of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims, this house was officially sanctified by the Vatican, and every year, on August 15th, Christians hold a commemoration ceremony.


8 km east of Selçuk, lies this town known for its local wine and traditional nineteenth century houses. Some of these have now been transformed into pensions.