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The Aegean region, which has been home to many cultures, has been influenced by cultural and social influence as well as food culture, and Aegean cuisine has become richer. With the influence of the Egyptian, Greek and Phoenician civilizations in the Aegean region; The use of wheat, wine and olive oil has become widespread. Furthermore, with the migration from the Balkans and the Aegean Islands; Greeks, Jews, Levantines and Bosnians also contributed to Aegean cuisine.
The indispensable ingredients of Aegean cuisine are undoubtedly olive oil, aromatic herbs and seafood. Aromatic herbs and olive oil are in fact the inseparable combination of this cuisine. However, great care is taken not to mix the flavors. Also, meat is generally not used together in herbs, so the meat is eaten alone.
Aegean cuisine is defined as a green table by tasters. I think it's because the herbs are less cooked and retain their color. This shows very clearly what the Aegean people owe their health to.
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