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The Ancient City of Pergamon “Asclepion” and “Pergamon”, and Beautyful Izmir.

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The Ancient City of Pergamon “Asclepion” and “Pergamon”, and Beautyful Izmir.

With a history thet goes back 8.500 years. Izmir is the third most devoloped city of Turkey. Being one of the oldest port cities of the world, Izmir has alwaysbeen significant meeting point for different cultures, languages and beliefs, Located on the furthest west of Turkey, Izmir has combined a western culture with Anatolian traditions.

            Known as the hometown of Homer, “the Master of poets”, Izmir is also home to the ancient city of Ephesus, one of the best preserved in the eastern mediterranean and to Bergama (Pergamon), one of Turkey’s oldest civilized settlements and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

            The name of the city, which is mentioned as Pergamon or Pergamonos in ancient texts, comes from a local language known in Anatolia since ancient times and means 'Castle Place'. Apart from the Ancient Pergamon settlement on the top of Kale Mountain, there are many mounds scattered across the Bakırçay Plain. In the light of the researches carried out in these mounds, it was understood that the settlement history of the city dates back to the Old Bronze Age (3000 BC).

            Homer; he mentions that some tribes living in the 'Teuthrania Region and called Ketiler' were involved in the Trojan wars (Iliada and Odesseia). Some scientists doing research on this subject have said that these people may have been Hittites, called 'Kheta' in Egyptian monuments. However, even though Pergamon was one of the most extreme settlements of the Hittites in the west during this period, the people living in these...

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"The Ancient City of Pergamon “Asclepion” and “Pergamon”, and Beautyful Izmir."

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