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Izmir, Ayvalik, Lesvos

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Izmir, Ayvalik, Lesvos

Our goal on this tour is to get you to experience both sides of the Aegean in one day, then we pass from Ayvalik port to Lesvos (Lesbo, Mitilene).

            Ayvalık is a coastal town, the cradle of culture, located on the northern Aegean coast of our country. Ayvalık, located on the south coast of the Edremit Gulf and dazzling with its uniquely beautiful islands, is one of the most preferred places by local and foreign tourists as well as famous names. Ayvalık was among the important trade centers during the Ottoman Empire. There were more Greek people in Ayvalık, where many European states have foreign embassies. However, it is one of the places where Turks from the Balkans settled with the population exchange in the Republican period.

            It is rumored that the island of Lesvos (Lesvos) got its current name "Lesvos" from Lesvos, the son of the Thessalian hero Lapithos. The island has been named as "Mytilene Island" by the Turks since the period when it was ruled under Ottoman rule. Unlike other Aegean islands, the island is also compared to the "Emerald Island" due to its dense forest. According to Greek mythology, it is believed that the first inhabitants of the island were the Pelasgos. BC in the coastal part of the city of Thermi. 2400 and BC The fact that settlements dating back to 3200 BC have been identified gives us some clues about the history of the island. Ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Genoese, Ottoman and Greek...

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"Izmir, Ayvalik, Lesvos"

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