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You’ll depart to visit Erythrai ancient city in the village of Ildırı. Erythrai was one of the twelve cities of Ionia, situated 22 km North-east of the port Çeşme, on a small peninsula stretching into the Bay of Erythrae at an equal distance from the mountains Mimas and Corycus, and directly opposite the island of Chios. It is recorded that excellent wine was produced in the peninsula Erythrae was notable for being the seat of the Erythraean Sibyl. The ruins of the city are found North of the town Ildırı in the Çeşme district of Izmir Province.

The ruins include well-preserved Hellenistic walls with towers of which five still visible. The acropolis (280 ft) has a theatre on its northern slope and eastwards lie many remains of Byzantine buildings.

Then continue to drive to Alacati, which is famous wındsurfing. You will visit first the mosque and church named as Alacati Pazaryeri Mosque & AYIOS KONSTANTINOS Church.

The building, which was built as a Greek Church in the late 19th century, now functions as a mosque. It was three naves and basilical plan. It was built in the masonry rubble stone technique. The garnished inner cover was covered with a cradle on the middle nave outside and porch roofs on the side naves. The narthex section to the West has two floors and its galleries partially extend over the North and South naves. A new apse was built in front of the Pastoforio, showing very elegant marble work. The colonnaded walkway in the lower...

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