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Ephesus Museumi Ancient city of Ephesus and St. John

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Ephesus Museumi Ancient city of Ephesus and St. John

8500 Years Journey, Artefacts unearthed in the excavations made in Çukuriçi Mount, Artemision, where the ruins of the Temple of Artemis, considered to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the St Jean Church, where the tomb of Bible writer St Jean is located, the fortress on the Ayasuluk Hill, the Belevi Mauseleum and near vicinity are exhibited. The museum is arranged according to various subjects and finding groups, such as Information Hall in the entrance, Hall of the Fountain Findings, Hall of the Terrace Houses Findings, Ancient Coins, Ephesus Through the Ages, Inner Garden, Cybele Cult, Hall of Artemis Temple Findings, Ephesus Artemis and Imperial Cult

            Resting Warrior, It was found during the excavations at the Polio Fountain. He is a young warrior depicted in a half-lying position. The body weight of the statue is given to the left arm leaning on a rock. The warrior, whose wavy hair is attached with a band over the forehead, has a calm expression on his face. He holds a shield in his arm and a sword in his hand. While the left leg is bent backwards from the knee, the right leg is bent from the knee and extended forward.

            Marcus Aurelius, The statue of the Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius was made of white marble with fine craftsmanship. Wrinkles on the forehead of the emperor wearing a paludamentum attached to the right shoulder with a fibula are prominent. The back of the artifact was left...

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