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Ephesus Ancient City, Terrace House, Church of St. John

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Ephesus Ancient City, Terrace House, Church of St. John

The ancient city of Ephesus is unmissable. The city has been able to protect its splendid architecture dedicated to the goddess Artemis. Its great temple, rebuilt several times, took its last form in the 3rd century. B.C. and today it is considered as one of the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World". Among the ruins, we can admire the theater, the gymnasium, the baths, the agora and the Library of Celsus.

            The nearby town of Selçuk is dominated by a Byzantine citadel located near the Basilica of Saint John, built in the 6th century near his grave. Next to the Basilica, a typically Selchuk gate gives access to the İsa Bey Mosque from the 14th century A.D. Here you can visit impressive collections of statues and other works unearthed, after the excavations in Ephesus. It was ascertained that after the death of Christ, Saint John accompanied the Virgin Mary to Ephesus in a modest little house (Meryemana Evi) at Bülbül Mountain (Koressos, Mount Bülbül) where she remained until her last days. Place of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims, this house was officially sanctified by the Vatican, and every year, on August 15, the Christians hold a commemoration ceremony.

            The Basilica of Saint John has a special importance due to its majestic dimensions. The wall snow appearing have been well preserved, but originally they had pretty door sand windows. The other facadeto the South rose to more than twenty meters giving an expectant to there ligious structure. The Basilica of Saint...

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"Ephesus Ancient City, Terrace House, Church of St. John"

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