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Coast and Country Side - Seferihisar, Urla, Izmir

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Coast and Country Side - Seferihisar, Urla, Izmir

The oldest settlement on the territory of the Seferihisar district is Teos, and it is known that this place was founded by Cretans fleeing from the Achaeans in 2000 BC and was a city of Cari. Thus, it can be said that the region has been inhabited for 4000 years.

There are several theses on the foundation of Seferihisar.

            The first of these is that the Carthaginian Hannibal, defeated by Rome during the Seferihisar III Punic Wars (Roman-Carthaginian Wars), passed to Anatolia to take refuge in the Seleucids, Syrians (150-146 BC) and the Roman navy was in Teos al off Myonnesos, while fighting with the Carthaginian navy, was founded as a base built by the Roman general Tysaferin as a place of accommodation for his soldiers and was called Tysaferinopolis.

            The second thesis is more interesting; BC 7. It belongs to the fact that it was founded by Etruscans of Indo-European race, who migrated to Rome through the Anatolian lands in the century. The Etruscans,who wanted to get close enough to the coasts when they arrived in Anatolia, first established Seferihisar as a place of accommodation, then most of them emigrated to Italy using the ports of Teos and Sigacik, some of them remained here and Seferihisar was also built in the V century BC It is said to be a powerful city.

            Like the other regions of the Aegean, Seferihisar was built between the 7th and 5th centuries BC. Between the centuries, Lydians, Iranians, Athenians and Spartans reigned. Later, Iranians,...

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"Coast and Country Side - Seferihisar, Urla, Izmir"

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