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Clarios and Ephesus

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Clarios and Ephesus

Although the exact date of establishment of Klaros is not known, it was built in 7th century BC. It is believed that it was built in the name of Apollo, the chief god of Colophon, at the beginning of the 6th century and the beginning of the 6th century. The temple of Apollo in Claros, located on a flat area in a narrow valley, was very famous in the Hellenistic period and especially in the Roman era, as it was a place of divination. The reason why the temple was not built on a hill but located on a plain is that there is a sacred spring and forest here.

            Klaros has not been a city throughout its history, but has developed continuously depending on Kolophon. M.S.2. There is a road filled with columns and statues on both sides leading to the temple of Apollo from a square Propylea thought to have been built in the century. Inscriptions written by those who went to consult the oracle were found in Propylea. The statue of Apollo on the cella is 7.5 m. is in height. There is a monumental altar in front of the temple. A new temple in the Ionic style was unearthed to the north of the Apollon temple. This temple may have belonged to Artemis. The artifacts unearthed during the excavation are exhibited in the Izmir Archeology Museum.

            The ancientcity of Ephesus is unmissable. The city has be enable to protect its splendid architecture dedicated to the goddess...

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"Clarios and Ephesus"

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